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SRI - The Good News - Employee Priorities Thumbnail

SRI - The Good News - Employee Priorities

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At Alpen Wealth Advisory Group, we are choosing to focus our energy on showcasing the positive efforts being made to address key environmental, social and governance issues. In this post, we reviewed employment topics. We've listed the top 5 issues important to American workers emerging from the pandemic, as noted by Just Capital, in a 2021 report. Read the Report

  • paying a fair and living wage
  • protecting worker health and safety
  • providing benefits and work-life balance
  • investing in workforce training
  • cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace

Just Capital followed up on this theme in their 2022 ranking of the top U.S., publicly-traded companies with respect to their performance in the categories most important to the American public. If you're looking for a new job or simply curious, view the entire list here Rankings

To learn more about how you can use your capital to support top-performing companies in the areas most closely aligned with your values, visit us at www.alpenwealth.com

 We invite you to join our clients in influencing the future path of corporate America through SRI investing strategies.

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