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What is ESG Investing and Why is it Important to Me? Thumbnail

What is ESG Investing and Why is it Important to Me?

SRI Investing Sustainable Investing ESG Investing

Just as consumers have the power to influence product development and safety through purchases (or lack thereof), investors have the power to influence the world around them by incorporating an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategy in choosing what stocks and/or funds to hold in their portfolios.

Some of the main issues addressed through investing using an ESG strategy include the following:


How a company impacts our environment in areas such as:

  • Energy use or waste
  • Pollution
  • Natural resource conservation
  • Treatment of animals


The ethics and practices a company uses such as:

  • labor practices
  • talent management and hiring diversity
  • product and facility safety
  • data security


The actions of a company’s leaders in areas such as:

  • board diversity
  • executive pay
  • business ethics

Using an ESG strategy allows you to align your investment choices with your values in these areas to help influence the change you wish to see in the world. You may incorporate inclusionary or exclusionary principals to your personal investment strategy.

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