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Performance and ESG Investing

Aligning Traditional Portfolio Management with Your Values

Alpen Wealth is dedicated to empowering you to achieve your financial goals and build a future that is focused on financial security and honoring your values.

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Alpen Wealth is built on integrity, respect, and sustainability. We aim to transcend time, creating a legacy by empowering clients towards achieving their financial goals and building a future that is focused on staying financially secure and ethically conscious.

Fee-Only Fiduciary Advice

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Sustainable Investing

What is Sustainable Investing and ESG strategy?

Sustainable, responsible and impact investing (SRI) is an investment discipline used to generate potential long-term, competitive returns while honoring your values. We use ESG criteria to screen your current portfolio and help you choose investments to support positive change. Learn More

Fossil Fuel Divestment

Using an exclusionary strategy, we can tailor your investment choices to limit or remove sectors that don’t fit your values such as fossil fuels. As governments place greater restrictions on the fossil fuel industry, we will review your portfolio to assess your potential future risk.

Renewable Energy

Using an inclusionary strategy, we can replace current investment holdings you see as negative with choices more aligned with your values such as supporting companies engaged in providing renewable energy sources.

ESG Investing

We are committed to integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria into our investment process. By considering these factors, we aim to deliver sustainable, responsible, and ethically sound investment solutions. We believe investing with ESG considerations not only aligns with your values but also contributes to a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

Supporting Diversity & Women

Empower your voice with an investment foundation supporting companies that hire, mentor, and promote employees with a mind toward greater diversity and gender equality.

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Investment Advisory


At Alpen Wealth, we use an open architecture investment structure meaning we do not “sell” you our own products. (proprietary). This allows us to create your portfolio with cost-effective products tailored to your specific needs and values without bias. Your assets would be held with a Nationally recognized custodian.

Customized Portfolio Construction

We address your unique investment needs using a 6-step process to construct, manage and monitor your portfolio. We customize your ESG investment strategy to align with your values within a traditional portfolio management structure.

ESG Investing Strategy

Alpen Wealth is committed to using ESG criteria to help you develop a strategy that honors traditional management but tailors your portfolio to your moral code and supports the societal issues most important to you.

Values Survey

To ensure that your portfolio aligns with your aspirations, risk tolerance, and time horizons. we use a 10-question Values Personality Survey. This helps us offer you investment options to match what you value most in life.

Risk Analysis

How often do you evaluate the risk exposure in your current portfolio and financial plan? We help you identify and address potential risk issues which can be critical to the success of your long-term goals.

Pension and Retirement Plans

We believe in supporting your values in your retirement investments. We can help you evaluate your current employee plan and how it aligns with your personal investments to maintain a proper balance.

International Investments for Expats

Contact us if you are an expat or have assets held outside of the U.S and would like to learn how we may help you.

Financial Planning




Presenting unique financial solutions for you includes helping you reach short and long term, large and small, goals to reach your summit. We will work with you on a flat-fee basis for Financial Planning as we believe this removes bias, and as CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM, our advisors have a fiduciary relationship with you. The advice you receive will be in your best interest; we will disclose any potential conflicts of interest, and our fees will be clear and transparent.


Retirement Planning


Retirement can be both rewarding and daunting with many changes and unforeseen stresses caused by adjusting to life without your job and a steady income. We help you identify and prepare for your personal and financial goals to create a smoother transition to this next stage in your life.

Complete our brief survey to see if your current savings plan is on target to help you meet your future financial needs. 

Savings Plan Survey


Goal Specific Planning


You may simply need help with one specific financial goal such as a wedding or buying a vacation home. We will help you clearly define your goal and the steps needed to be successful. We can also help you monitor your situation to make sure you stay on course over time to meet your goal.

Complete our brief survey to see if your current saving plan is on target to help you meet your goals. 

Goal Planning Survey


Cross-Border/Expat Services


Through the leadership of Oliver Ernst, we understand the specific issues and complexities of investment management and financial planning across international borders; we maintain many connections overseas to assist you.

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Our Clients

Client Profile

Our clients are typically high-net worth individuals and families who have complex investment or financial planning needs and want to incorporate a Sustainable Investing philosophy into their portfolio. We most cost-effectively serve those with $500,000 or more in investable assets.

Ex Pats/Cross Border Individuals

As an expat himself, Oliver Ernst, CFP®, CSRIC™, understands the complexities of investment management and financial planning in this scenario, and maintains many connections overseas. Whether you are looking to expatriate from the U.S., immigrate to the U.S., or have already made the transition, we can help navigate your complex financial situation.

High Earner Not Rich Yet (HENRY)

We understand it takes time and effort to accumulate wealth, if you’re in the beginning of the building stage with high earnings but low investable assets, contact us to learn how we may help you.

Who We Best Serve

We will know if we can best help you by talking with you about your current situation. Our clients are diverse yet share a common bond. They are families, individuals and businesses who are passionate about making investment choices designed to influence the direction of change in our world. They are focused on generating long-term positive returns while supporting a variety of social issues such as climate change, diversity, and health concerns.


With over 40 years combined experience in the financial industry, our client leadership is dedicated to ensuring Alpen Wealth always has your best interests in mind.

Oliver Ernst, CFP®, CSRIC™, and ABFP℠ Photo

Oliver Ernst, CFP®, CSRIC™, and ABFP℠

Head of Practice

Oliver Ernst


Head of Practice

(800) 730-3603
Schedule an Appointment

Oliver Ernst has dedicated his life to supporting his clients and living with the good of all in mind. He built Alpen Wealth on the principles of integrity, respect, and sustainability. He is dedicated to empowering clients to achieve their financial goals and build a future that is focused on staying values-oriented and financially secure. To that end, Oliver has been using ESG Investment strategies within traditional client portfolios for over 20 years; helping investors positively support the causes and values most passionate to them. He was one of the earliest advisors to complete the Chartered SRI Counselor™ certification launched in 2018.  Learn more

Thriving on helping others navigate complex financial situations, Oliver guides clients on their financial journey. He has been a financial advisor for 20 years. A Swiss native, Oliver monitors the global market as well as the US economy, combing through the legal and financial intricacies of world markets to assist investors with cross-border needs. He speaks English and German fluently and is conversational in French and Spanish. To provide comprehensive financial services, Oliver has obtained his CFP®, APMA®, CSRIC™, and ABFP℠ designations, and operates on a fee-only basis.

Oliver spends his free time with his wife and three children, as well as volunteering. The family is extremely passionate about European soccer, and his kids are developing their own athletic talents. Oliver loves to run and competes in marathons and half marathons.

Susan Renard Photo

Susan Renard

Head of Client Services

Susan Renard

Head of Client Services



Susan Renard joined Alpen Wealth because of their mission to provide clients with unparalleled customer service, innovative financial solutions, and responsible investment options that prioritize both profit and the planet. She had 15+ years of leadership experience in developing communications, administrative services, and events tailored to the professional services industry.

Susan’s previous experience includes her role as Client Services Director in a St. Charles, Illinois financial firm with $80mil in assets. She led efforts in servicing client accounts, enhancing one-to-one interactions, and adding new technology to deepen relationships and loyalty. Susan also worked for eight years as Associate Managing Director of Marketing at The PrivateBank, a ground-breaking boutique bank that had $2 bil AUM, and provided financial services to high-net-worth entrepreneurs and individuals.

A Chicago native, Susan has lived in the western suburbs for over 30 years. She has been heavily involved in her community and local volunteering. She enjoys the arts, and was active in her church, creating lasting friendships with nuns in the School Sisters of St Francis; finding them to be a wealth of knowledge and spiritual encouragement.

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To maintain an impartial viewpoint, we are a fee-only firm with a holistic approach. We welcome the opportunity to work with professionals you currently use or help you find appropriate tax preparation and filing, estate planning and risk management (insurance) services.

  • Comprehensive
  • Our comprehensive service covers all major aspects of your financial plan in a detailed process. The fee will be determined by your needs and discussed in advance. Our minimum comprehensive first-year fee is $2,500 and is typically appropriate if you have a net worth of $2mil or greater, or complex financial needs

  • Retirement Planning
  • $1,250 – fee waived if an investment account is established with us of $500,000 AUM or greater

  • Hourly
  • $250/hour. Projects are estimated at time of request with a minimum charge of 3 hours

Investment Advisory Fees are annualized. Ancillary charges such as custodial fees, transfer costs, transaction fees, etc. are not included. Fees are charged on a tiered schedule,
meaning a lower rate may be charged on assets above a designated breakpoint. 

Current Advisory Fee Schedule

Account ValueCurrent Fee
First $500,0001%
Next $1,500,000 up to $2,000,000.75%
Next $3,000,000 up to $5,000,000.50%
Over $5,000,000.30%

Fees may be subject to change. Our advisors are available to review the current fee structure with you when we discuss your investment options.

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Our Strategic Alliances

  • Compliance Oversite
  • Alpen Wealth is a member of Advisory Services Network, LLC (ASN) which provides oversight to ensure that we are operating in your best interest and in compliance with current federal and state regulations.

  • Our Advisor Network and Resources
  • ASN provides us with a network of advisors across the country so that we always have a plan of succession. And, importantly, we are able to maintain investment independence while being provided with the tools, technology, and support that helps keep our fees reasonable and we believe extremely competitive.

  • Our SRI/ESG Resources
  • Alpen Wealth uses information and other connections to further our education and product offerings through such groups as US SIF, Earthday, Earth911, Green Money, Green America.



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