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Live Event: Earth Day Live - We Throw It All Away Thumbnail

Live Event: Earth Day Live - We Throw It All Away

Join a live panel discussion hosted by Earth Day to learn more about food waste and creating solutions that will be sustainable in the future.  Learn More and Register

Global food waste is a far-reaching problem. According to Earth Day, approximately one-third of food produced globally each year, 1.3 billion tons, is lost or wasted. In the United States alone, about 40% of food goes to waste annually. Food waste is caused by overproduction, packaging and product damage, inadequate storage, overbuying, spoilage and excess portions prepared. Experts discuss finding solutions that will be sustainable. 


Sweta Chakraborty - Risk and Behavioral Scientist
Ann Veneman - Former US Secretary of Agriculture
Justin Kamine - Co-Founder and Partner, KDC.Earth
Sam Kass - Former Executive Chef at the White House
Caue Suplicy - Founder, Barnana
Jillian Semaan - Director of Food and Environment, EARTHDAY.ORG